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Sour Cherry Wine

Cerasus € 20,00

  • Sour Cherry Wine Cerasus finds its flavouring and natural colouring in the sour cherry which is the main ingredient along with sugar, spices, grape must or still wine. It is characterized by a fragrance of cherry and a dense cardinal-red colour.

    In the past this drink was produced to make vigorous and tannic wines more delightful. Duke Federico from Montefeltro, according to his faithful biograph and copyst Vespasiano da Bisticci 'hardly ever drunk wine if not made with pomegranade or cherries'.

    Farther on, it was regarded as a womanish thing, a present for the gentle sex because of its perfume, softness and roundness. Nowadays it is considered a meditation wine to taste and relish in company, restoring old savours by now lost.

    The Sour Cherry Wine is a typical product and is made exclusively in Marche Region.

    Serving suggestions: accompanied with pastries, sweets and fruit. Excellent after a meal with dessert.

    Serving temperature: 7/8 °C

    Alcohol: 14,5% by volume

    Size: 750ml.

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