The best food and beverages from Marche, offered in a unique on-line shop or delivered to restaurants, bars and retailers all over the world.

A glance of Italy between the Adriatic Sea and the mountains of the central Appennino, where roman remains and renaissance castles witness a past of greatness and contrasts, wars and eternal love stories.

This is our land, a frontier between north and south, where different tastes mix together to create a unique gastronomic culture

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Lemillevoglie Diary

Lemillevoglie Diary is our new blog in which you will be able to keep updated about the events in our region, find traditional recipes, unusual itineraries and much more. Click on the "Diary" page in our home menu and start discoveing our beautiful territory!

Welcome to lemillevoglie.it

lemillevoglie.it welcomes you in our new online shop   Visit our news page to read the latest offers on the site such as events, itineraries and much more about our beautiful region.

An introduction to lemillevoglie.it

lemillevoglie.it was born from the initiative of three partners who grew up in this bautiful territory at the border between northern and southern Italy. Our will is to bring to the table of our customers high-quality products, obtained with sustainable production methods and a close eye on seasonalities. Soon you will be be


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